H3 Network Media Alliance Builds on Global Presence

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Oct 31, 2014, 3:45:40 PM10/31/14
VIDEO SIGNED RELEASE - www.h3world.tv/globalpresence

TORONTO, CANADA | MENDHAM, NJ - 27 October 2014 - H3 Network Media Alliance, a non-profit organization that produces and broadcasts original video programming in International Sign, announced today that it has enhanced its Internet presence by transitioning to www.H3world.tv.

This announcement reflects changes being made as part of H3's expansion strategy. Since November 2012 when H3 switched to International Sign, H3's global presence has grown to 140+ countries. "The new domain name reinforces what H3 is about and reinforces that our mission is global in nature" says Hannah Reisman, president of H3 Network Media Alliance.

As is the case with spoken languages, there also are different sign languages around the world. The World Federation of the Deaf estimates a global population of 70 million deaf people. To communicate essential information that impacts Deaf people, H3 broadcasts exclusively in International Sign, an auxiliary sign language that can be generally understood by signing people anywhere.

Video programming through Internet is a visual medium ideally suited for Deaf people. H3 wants to emphasize the uniqueness of Deaf people having their own culture and language, which gives them dignity to live as persons who happen to be Deaf. In this, Deaf people do not see themselves as disabled, contrary to public opinion. However, unlike persons with other disabilities, Deaf people do not always pick up essential, everyday information on same basis as non-deaf people. As result they may miss information, especially necessary those relevant to daily living which H3 fills in the gap.

H3 currently broadcasts the following original shows including "WorldAbout," "DeafWire," SportsDeaf, "DeafWaves," "Travel with Dawn" and "IS Today" shown 24 hours, 7 days a week at www.H3world.tv.

The goal of H3 Network Media Alliance founded in 2009 is to enlighten, empower, and unite the global Deaf community by producing and broadcasting online comprehensive current affairs and cultural programming.

H3 viewers can sign up to receive weekly H3 Program Update emails or monthly H3 eNewsletter at www.H3world.tv.

VIDEO SIGNED RELEASE - www.h3world.tv/globalpresence
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