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Judy Hallman

Jan 12, 1992, 6:16:00 PM1/12/92
Here are the topics I have so far. What's missing?
Judy Hallman
How started
?Steve Worona, Cornell, 1982?
?Princeton's PNN?

Listserver: CWIS-L@WUVMD, value to subcribers, how to subscribe

Where we are now
Software/hardware used
List of services -- CWIS-L list for ftp
Eploring with eeb, gopher (libtel)
Some systems public, some not

Who runs it?

How is it paid for?

What they encompass
Promotional/expository information, prerecorded information
(books, pamphlets, lists, directories)
Archival/filing cabinet
Public information
Some include e-mail/forums/discussion groups/digests/counseling/
access to resources (like mainframes, to logon)
News feeds

Logon id vs. none


Mainframe/micro services

Driving force to get it started

Information policies addressing legal liabilities/censorship

Advisory groups

Getting info out
What's in there?
Where is the info I want?

Getting info in
What is suited (difficulty, value, legalities, scope --
include town info?)
Multiple sources for same data (academic calendar, Univ.
Changes after printed publication
No source for data (sports scores, meeting rooms on campus)
Presentation -- splitting data from one source into
different parts of the database


Terminal emulation
Different ways of moving around depending on sofware and

What's available in other CWISs? How do you know what's
there and how to get to it?

Licenses restrticting access to specific data to the licensing campus

Usage statistics

Quick answers to simple questions
Can be more up-to-date than printed info
Expand availability (doesn't reduce printing cost but expands audience)

Does it work?

Where are we going?
Need interconnection (CWISP)
Public information networks
Who should develop and maintain information systems?
How will public systems be paid for?
Roles for librarians

Edward Vielmetti

Jan 12, 1992, 9:58:10 PM1/12/92
In article <CWIS-L%9201121...@WUVMD.BITNET> Judy Hallman <HAL...@UNC.BITNET> writes:
>Here are the topics I have so far. What's missing?
> Judy Hallman

>Terminal emulation

>Different ways of moving around depending on sofware and

I'd touch here on client-server systems that are in place now,
such as gopher and WWW, at the very least because they manage to
deal with the terminal emulation problem (though you end up with
a complementary problem of supporting relatively specialized software).


Because it's expected that CWIS type information should be easily
available on-line, and that schools that don't have such a system
running are making their students work too hard.

>Where are we going?
>Need interconnection (CWISP)

Has anything come of CWISP? The functioning interconnection that I
have seen has been with protocols much simpler than Z39.50 (gopher
and WWW both use nothing more complicated than "finger", though they
can interface with more complicate systems via gateway systems).

Looks like a very good outline and a good paper, hope to see it when
it comes out.


AA10000 Wally Knapp Computer Services x461

Jan 13, 1992, 9:42:32 AM1/13/92
Perhaps you could consider defining the CWIS relative to the
environment it serves. The needs of a college/university with
dorms, a commuter 4-year college and a 2-year community college are

Regards, Wally Knapp

| Wallace C Knapp CSP Dir Computer Services | BITNET AA10000@CATCC |
| Catonsville Community College | Telephone 301-455-4460 |
| 800 S Rolling Road | -4461 |
| Baltimore Md 21228 | Bldg H Room 239 A |

quite different but all have a need for a CWIS-type facility.

Jul 25, 2013, 5:15:38 AM7/25/13
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