Management training courses for trainers?

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Jo Webb

Aug 12, 1994, 4:20:06 AM8/12/94
I am trying to identify a list of fortcoming courses and conferences
on management suitable for someone who works as a trainer to attend on the
east coast of the USA. I can find information for Europe and the UK
butnot the US. Is there any source which I can access from the UK which
could help me?

Reply to me in person and I will summarise for the list if there is
sufficient interest.

Jo Webb
Academic Librarian: Business
De Montfort University

Leslie Burke - Amway Corporation

Aug 12, 1994, 7:13:12 AM8/12/94
If you have access to Dialog, try Eventline. You should be able to use
the terms management and train?. You could try:
s management and trainer? ?
s s1/noamer [to limit to North America]
s s2 and st= (using the 2 digit US state codes to narrow the states desired)

es=(event start date); ee=(event end date) will help you narrow by time

Leslie Burke, Corporate Librarian or Sally Akehi, Asst. Librarian
Amway Corporation
7575 Fulton St. E
Ada, MI 49355-0001
616-676-6308; FAX 616-676-7142

Aug 19, 2014, 12:11:18 PM8/19/14
NobleProg is a Training and Consulting provider and we run all types of Management Training Courses.

If you are interested please go to:

for Classroom or Remote Management Training Courses in USA
Or contact us directly

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