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May 30, 1994, 3:56:24 PM5/30/94
Knowledge Plus Multimedia Publishing is pleased to announce a new
ftp/gopher server and listserver service available free of charge to all
users on the Internet.
Knowledge Plus is providing a free mailing (listserver) service for users
wanting information on new IPO's, new emerging technologies issues, private
placement opportunities, investment tips and seed round financial placements.
In order to keep this posting brief, please send mail to or retrieve the document '/pub/README-iserv'
via anonymous ftp/gopher to for more information about
this service.

Please note that we are !!!NOT!!! in any way associated with either, Cybersell or Canter & Siegel and we frown on the actions
they have taken by posting messages indescriminately on all possible
newsgroups for the blatant purpose of selling a product/service. We have
included a statement in the 'README-iserv' document on our corporate policies
regarding newsgroups and the Internet.

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