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Jim Conklin

Jun 14, 1994, 6:35:46 PM6/14/94
CREN's New List-Manager Software Readied for June Availability

June 13, 1994; Washington, DC....

CREN*, the Corporation for Research and Educational Networking, is
pleased to announce that Version 7.0 of its ListProcessor list
management software for UNIX* and the Internet will be available for
delivery in late June. This software, also known as ListProc, has been
enhanced for ease of use, functionality, and performance in the Internet

System administrators will appreciate ListProcessor's simple
installation and operational procedures and the minimal administrator
intervention required in normal operation. List owners and moderators
will benefit from ListProcessor's flexible, powerful, intuitive
facilities for managing their lists. Support staff and subscribers will
be pleased with the simple subscriber interface and its compatibility
with accepted practice.

Other ListProcessor features include:

- Full compliance with the RFC821 and RFC822 Internet standards
for electronic mail
- Compatibility with the new MIME extensions to Internet mail
- Optional subscriber aliases for sending mail
- Flexible list archiving -- with e-mail, ftp, Gopher, and WAIS
retrieval of archives -- and searching of archives by message
content through e-mail and WAIS, including regular-expression
- Interactive ListProcessor command protocol and interface for
inter-ListProcessor communication and for use by system
managers, list owners, and list subscribers; future Mac,
MS-Windows, and X clients will provide point-and-click
interaction for subscribers, list owners, and system managers
- Support for multiple list owners, editors, and new list
administrators, to facilitate shared responsibilities
- Convenient list initiation and reconfiguration by system
administrators and list owners, using intuitive keywords and
without the need for shutting down the list or the server
- Optional automatic unsubscription based on analysis of bounced
list mail
- Excellent loop detection through use of MD5 checksums and other
- Performance optimized for the UNIX environment
- The ability, with a multi-threaded Mail Transfer Agent such as
Zmailer, to effectively distribute mail to lists of 20,000 or
more subscribers; compatibility with sendmail for use with
lists of moderate size
- Support for gatewaying between lists and news groups, and for
peering of lists

CREN anticipates continued enhancement of ListProcessor as part of its
support for education and research, and expects that ListProcessor will
be widely used for global scholarly discussion, collaboration, and
electronic distribution of a wide variety of material.

Additional information is available via Gopher and anonymous ftp from (The ftp file is /cren-doc/listproc-info.txt.) Interested
parties may also contact CREN through e-mail sent to or to

* Trademark and service mark information: UNIX is a registered Trademark
of UNIX System Labs of Novell, Inc. CREN is a registered Service Mark
of the Corporation for Research and Educational Networking.

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