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Amanda Rushing

Apr 15, 1994, 2:34:36 PM4/15/94
The CREN Board of Trustees held a board meeting on February 2, 1994, in
Washington, DC. The following board members were in attendance: Jan
Baltzer, Doug Bigelow, Ron Briggs, Mimi Drake, Ira Fuchs, Steve Hall
Ben Klein, Gerry MacDonald, Larry Rapagnani, George Sadowsky, Marty
Solomon, Mark Strawcutter and Bill Yundt. Absent was board member
Stuart Lynn.

The board held an executive session at 8:00 am and convened the full
board meeting at 9:20 am.

Fuchs welcomed newly elected board members Steve Hall and Larry
Rapagnani, and congratulated Ben Klein and Marty Solomon on their
reelection. Fuchs also bid adieu to exiting board members Mimi Drake
and Gerry MacDonald and thanked them for their hard work and
participation on the Board over the last three years.

The newly elected officers are: Ira Fuchs, President; Doug
Bigelow, Vice President; Larry Rapagnani, Secretary; and
Ben Klein, Treasurer.

New committee assigments are: CUSTOMER SERVICES & RELATIONS
(CRENCSR@BITNIC): George Sadowsky (CH), Ron Briggs, Ben Klein,
Jan Baltzer, (CH), Larry Rapagnani, and Marty Solomon; NOMINATING
COMMITTEE (NOMINATE@BITNIC): Steve Hall (CH), Bill Yundt, and
Mimi Drake for the non-trustee position; TECHNICAL COMMITTEE
(CRENTECH@BITNIC): Mark Strawcutter (CH), Doug Bigelow, and
Bill Yundt.

General business, including a report from the Treasurer and a report on
membership activities, were covered during the first part of the
meeting. The board confirmed the dates for the next board meeting for
Monday, May 2, 1994 and Tuesday, May 3, 1994, to be held in Chicago,
Illinois, at the Chicago Histoical Society starting at 9:00 am.

A resolution was also passed to accept the October 1993 board minutes
as written. The approved minutes are available from LISTSERV@BITNIC
as file BD9310 Minutes.


MacDonald reported on the results of the 1994 board elections and
the passage of the proposed amendments to the Bylaws.

King opened discussions on the status of CREN implementing its
strategic plan. King also brought the board up-to-date on where
CREN is in the development of its new services -- BITNET III,
Plug and Play, List Management software, and a CREN Server.
The board also directed CREN to draft a migration plan to move
members from NJE to IP for the next meeting.

The board reviewed six dues models presented by King and Rushing,
and tabled the discussion, pending further investigation by the
staff, until the May meeting.

A cooperative relationship between CREN and EARN, and other cooperating
networks were also discussed with the board adopting the "CREN-EARN
Declaration of Cooperation", and agreeing to sign the "CREN-EARN
Cooperating Network Agreement."

King presented a proposal to the board for CREN to publish CCNEWS,
and was authorized to proceed with the negotiations. King also ask
the board to consider the possibility of CREN creating a software
server as a future agenda item.

The board requested the staff to investigate the possibilities
of a cooperative effort between CREN and the regionals and report
the results to the board at a future meeting.

To obtain a copy of the draft minutes for the meeting on February 2,
1994, please send mail to LISTSERV@BITNIC (Internet: LISTSERV@
BITNIC.CREN.net) and type the following message:


Respectfully submitted,
Amanda Rushing
Assistant Secretary
CREN Board of Trustees

My apologies to the membership for the delay in posting the
minutes summary to BITNEWS for the February meeting. Due to
unforeseen circumstances, the summary was not posted. We will
make every effort to post the minutes and the summaries
promptly in the future.

Carmen DeFranks

Apr 26, 1994, 4:47:01 PM4/26/94

How the heck to I post to a news group and have it propogated to all the other news servers???
I posted a question to comp.protocols.misc and as far as I can tell it is still on this system. PLEASE
do not get me wrong, since I have started reading news on this system (via winvn) I have finally found
the information to some questions that I had.

Is there a "mother" or "father" of all news?? Maybe that sounds extremely basic, but I have to start

I have read news before, and Im prepared to be "flamed" , so go for it - because I know that out of all
the flames that I get - Ill get atleast one "real" answer...


Carmen DeFranks Information Management Div.
cdef...@aeha1.apgea.army.mil Resource Management Branch
DSN 584-3861 USAEHA

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