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[STOCKPHOTO] Re: Facts on the loss with ACcLAIM IMAGES

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Perla Copernik

Dec 27, 2006, 2:39:29 PM12/27/06

Hello everybody:

My situation was very similar except I only got one answer from a major publisher, most of the others were private users and I don't expect to see any money from that.

Yesterday evening I received an angry and threatening e-mail from Fred V. He asked me to stop harrasing his clients. The truth is that people that will try to steal your images from internet will always exist, and there will also be people smart enough to try to break whatever we do to stop that. My point is that Acclaim violated our rights for allowing these people to download whatever they wanted without proper follow-up.

Anyway I asked Fred to remove all my images from Acclaim's database and terminate our "partnership".


Perla Copernik

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