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Chris Miller

May 15, 2013, 7:17:39 PM5/15/13
Quick heads up about badges:

- The Critic, Reversal, and Peer Pressure badges are now impossible to
attain, since there are no downvotes. (A decision which I still
disagree with, FWIW, but let's at least be consistent. :-P ).

- I notice that the Beta Tester badges never got handed out

Istvan Albert

May 15, 2013, 7:54:30 PM5/15/13
I guess the beta tester must have been clobbered at an early data
reload when we're switching over. I should dig these out from the
backup. These were definitely earned and should exist.

Badges are next on our hit list. Since we're at it let me list what
the near future holds:

1. Galaxy integration - Galaxy wants to us Biostar as its platform for
answering user questions on analysis. There is a new feature of
Biostar that allows a user in Galaxy (or any other trusted website) to
use that account to post questions. The code is ready to go in, it is
just a matter of coordinating with them - expected launch end of next

2. Ads: users with a reputation over 1000 can run ads for free on
Biostar. Moderators can approve ads for others. Code is 95% ready,
expected launch in May or first week of June.

3. Fixing up badges. All badges will be wiped and re-earned in a a
more meaningful way that allows one to search and list the posts that
relate to the badge.

4. Better messaging. Email notifications.
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Istvan Albert
Associate Professor, Bioinformatics
Pennsylvania State University
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