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Deneke, Charles (Fred)

Mar 27, 2014, 2:01:12 PM3/27/14
I agree that seed companies probably have selected for lettuce that germinates well regardless of light exposure. Have you tried seeds from Seed Savers Exchange, Heirloom Seeds, or other similar sources? Even their seed has undoubtedly undergone artificial selection, but probably not as much as the major seed companies.

Fred Deneke

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1. RE: red light sensitive lettuce germination experiments
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I have had variable results too. I don't know of a good reason. I usually check germination after 48-72 hours.
Mike Gross

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Subject: [Plant-education] red light sensitive lettuce germination experiments

Hello all,

I've been running the classic germination experiments in my Botany class lab in which we expose lettuce seed to different light quality treatments (red vs blue vs green filters). In the past few years we have had really variable results in this experiment, but no problem with light vs dark comparisons. We've ordered special seed, exposed seed to far-red first, and tried elevating the temperature on a heat mat with no improvement. I am suspecting there is some change in the seed that breeders have generated. Anyone have any insights into how to get this to work? We usually check them after a week, but I am wondering if the response needs to be scored sooner and the "anomalous" results are due to the extended time frame. I've checked the archives and found a 1998 posting, but nothing more recent.
Thanks for any advice!

Helen Michaels
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