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Wild mushroom hunting sites in Southern California?

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Vladi Repkin

May 8, 1995, 3:00:00 AM5/8/95

I want to apologize if this is a wrong
news group to ask my question but I am
desperate. I am a passionate mushroom
hunter for more than 20 years. Unfortunately
for the last 5 years that I live in San Diego
I've been deprived of that type of activity.
I was wandering if anybody could tell me
where in Southern California (or in the
vicinity) I could find a suitable site for
picking wild mushrooms. I will be very
grateful for any suggestions. By the way,
if this is a wrong newsgroup, maybe someone
knows the right one?

Thank you,
Vladi Repkin (

Steve Pencall

May 15, 1995, 3:00:00 AM5/15/95
In article <3om5bf$> Vladi Repkin


I tried to email you at the indicated address but my mail server could not
deliver the message after trying for 3 days. Call your network
administrator. Perhaps your mail server is experiencing "technical
difficulties". The message I tried to send follows.

Steve Pencall


First of all, there is NO other newsgroup devoted to mycology so
bionet.mycology will have to do until some people form another one. The
rec. group would probably be most appropriate.

As you have probably discovered, Southern California is not a garden spot
for mushrooms and San Diego is less favorable than other parts--rain
decreases as you go south along the coast. Nonetheless, there are some
fairly good areas that I know of in northern SD county, especially inland
where there are oak trees, primarily coast live oak. The Los Angeles
Mycological Society (LAMS) held a mushroom foray March 4 at several
locations in inland north SD county and found about 30-35 species
including several edibles.

In general, the further north you go, the better the collecting gets. The
LAMS has collected for many years in the Santa Ana mountains about 60
minutes north of SD and collecting is usually good, sometimes very good.
Its possible to collect several pounds of chanterelles and other choice
edibles. I don't have space or time to give detailed directions on where
to go.

I would urge you to become involved with a mycological society like LAMS.
There is no organized society in SD although we have about 10 members in
the SD area. We have 2-3 forays/year in northern SD county each season
and more than that in the Santa Ana Mountains. Of course the mushroom
season is about over, so you'll have to wait until next winter.

If you have any other questions about LAMS you can E-mail them to our
Membership Secretary Dick Smith at <>

Mycologically Yours,

Steven Pencall
Editor, The Spore Print
Journal of the Los Angeles Mycological Society

Gordon Beakes

Jun 9, 1995, 3:00:00 AM6/9/95
In article <3om5bf$>, Vladi Repkin <> says:

>I spent 1 year in Riverside over 10 years ago. From what I recall their is an active
mushroom group based in LA. Collecting is mainly from Dec-Feb (weird). Try contacting John Menge
Depart of Plant Pathology, UCR, Riverside for more info.

I remenber so interesting collecting excursions in the San Jacinto Mountains (Pines to Palms trail)
where we found some interesting truffles and some nice Amanita'a and
Boletes (mid January time).

Dec 30, 2016, 2:30:38 PM12/30/16
Any details on good spots for mushroom hunting in Riverside?

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