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New Web Portal for mycoplogist....

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Rajiv Karbhal

Sep 22, 2012, 10:58:11 PM9/22/12
Dear All,

We have developed a MycoIS, the Spicynode based visual database browsing system for mycologists. Our attempt here is to interlink the Biodiversity & Molecular information of the fungal species. The novel feature is its visual browsing. User need not to formulate complex text based queries. The species are selected for which the genome information is available. Basically it links to the information available in biodiversity, molecular, ecological databases as well as to literature databases. Toxin search utility also develops to search the mycotoxins & secondary metabolite produced by toxic species.

We would appreciate if you spend some time to evaluate the MycoIS and send your suggestions to us.

The link of web portal is:

Please send your suggestions to,

Rajiv Karbhal

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