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Mushroom Cultivation & Application Courses across the US

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Rad Mycology

Jun 17, 2015, 12:09:12 PM6/17/15
Hey folks,
I wanted to let you know about several 3-day Mushroom Cultivation & Application Courses I will be holding this fall across the US.

Minneapolis, MN - Aug 21-23
Philadelphia, PA - Sept 18-20
Asheville, NC - Oct 2-5
Tallahassee, FL - Oct 9-11
Santa Fe, NM - Oct 16-18
Oklahoma City, OK - Oct 24-26
Los Angeles, CA (Bilingual / en español) - Oct 30 - Nov 1
Oakland, CA - Nov 6-8

These courses cover everything you need to know to start producing high quality mushroom spawn, fruiting mushrooms indoors, starting a mushroom farm, and establishing productive and regenerative outdoor mycoscapes. Topics include:

Mushroom Cultivation Essentials
* Insights into the fungal kingdom and the art & science of cultivation
* Budgeting, planning & preparation to make things easy
* Tool making and improvisation to keep things cheap
* Aseptic ("sterile") practice with agar, grains, compost, and wood-based substrates
* The industry secret of liquid mushroom inoculum
* Cultivation lab and fruiting environments design for home, farm, or community scale projects
* Alternative, low-cost, and low-tech cultivation techniques and tools
* Growing wild mushrooms

Mushroom Cultivation Applications
* Medicinal mushroom processing for maximum potency
* Outdoor mushroom garden design and installation
* Fungal integration into various permaculture-inspired sustainable living systems
* Mycoremediation design concepts
* Fungal & plant relationships

Extra Skills
* Building soil health with Mycorrhizal fungi cultivation
* Biochar & fungi
* Wild mushroom identification
* And more!

For more information on these courses, visit the link below:

Or email me with any questions.

For the fungi!

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