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Chris McManemin

Jan 22, 2015, 12:45:33 PM1/22/15
- Pall Large Scale Ultrafiltration System
- Steris FINN-Aqua Large Scale Pure Steam Generator
- Mar Cor Services – Large Scale Central Dialysis Water Purification System
- Sartorious SartoFlow TFF – Tangenial Flow Filtration System – System One

- Sartorious SartoFlow TFF – Tangenial Flow Filtration System – System Two

- Sanova / Rame-Hart Egg Decapper Model 500-007

- Sanova / Rame-Hart Egg Harvester

- Sanova / Rame-Hart Egg Slicer – Innoculator

- Thermco Gas Mixer model 85150i37.8x170

- Millipore IsoPak STS1 IPP 800 System Controller

- Millipore IsoPak 800 x 500 x 500 Column

- Consolidated Polymer Technologies C-FLEX Advanced Aseptic Connection

- M&O Perry Filler Plugger Capper Model P-1510

- Dabrico Vial Inspection Station

- Pope Scientific Sterilizing Chamber

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