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Think Parks

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Andrew Vecsey

Dec 11, 2012, 6:02:21 AM12/11/12
Think parks need only a 100 meter long pathway to be implemented. They promote a better understanding of the very small and very large numbers we encounter daily in our description of reality from atoms to the universe. They enables a clearer visualization of concepts and topics learned in physics, chemistry, biology, geology, history and philosophy. They offer us a place of meditation and contemplation resulting in a greater appreciation of our world and our purpose in it. See YouTube video "Think Parks".

Think Parks are facilities for contemplation of our reality and an exploration of its space and time. Think Parks compare the microscopic objects too small to see to the gigantic ones that most only hear about. The "time walk" offers a stroll thru our history, from our planet`s birth to its eventual death. Intervals as short as a blink of an eye are compared to intervals as long as the life of our universe. See YouTube video "Think Parks Part 2"
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