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We have the following equipment available: BD FACSort, BD FACStar Plus, Pharmacia FPLC, etc.

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amina aziza

Mar 14, 2003, 11:39:01 AM3/14/03
We have the following equipment available:

1. Becton-Dickinson FACSort Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer. Available in two
computer configurations: (1) System with PowerMac FACStastion Computer, Cell
Quest Software, Laser Writer Printer, 15" Color Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse,
Manuals, etc. Excellent condition. (2) System with HP Consort 32 FACStation
Computer, Lysis II Data Acquisition and Analysis Software, PaintJet Printer,
Keyboard, Mouse, Manuals, etc. Excellent condition. Inquiry for price and
ordering information.

2. Becton-Dickinson FACStar Plus Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer. Includes: Main
FACStar Cytometer Module, Dual Oscillocope, Video Monitor, Dual Lasers with
power supply, Support Benches, Operator Chair, Cables, etc. Offered with a
PowerMac FACStastion Computer, Cell Quest Software Version 3.2 (Year 2000
Release), Mac Laser Writer Printer, Apple Vision 17" Color Monitor,
Keyboard, Mouse, Manuals, etc. Excellent condition. Excellent condition.
Inquiry for price and ordering information.

3. Pharmacia FPLC System. Includes: Two P-500 Pumps, One Computer Controlled
LCC-500 CI Controller, One Single Path Optical Unit, One UV Monitor Control
Unit, One MV-7, One MP5a Mixer, One P-1 Peristatic Pump, One Mono S HR 5/5
Pre-Packed Column, One Pharmacia LKB RediFrac Fraction Collector, One NEC
433 PowerMate 433 Computer, One TTX 15" Color Monitor, Keyboard, Pharmacia
FPLC Manager Version 2.0, Connecting and power cables, Miscellaneous
Accesories. Tested in good Condition. Inquiry for price and ordering

4. ACL 100 Automated Laboratory Coagulation Analyzer. Features integrated
CRT Display and Keypad, RS-232C Interface. Excellent condition.

5. Coulter MD8 Hematology Analyzer. Complete with software disk and manual.
Excellent condition. $1600+shipping.

6. Becton-Dickinson BACTEC NR-730 Automated Blood Culture System. Complete
with accessories. $750+shipping

7. Nuaire LABGUARD Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinet. 6 ft wide.
Stainless steel work surface, glass front shield, fluorescent lights,
blower, minehilic gauge, etc. Good condition. $1,200+shipping.

8. AMSCO Medalist 200. Chamber size: 20" diameter x 28"depth. Requires steam
source. Good condition. $2,800+Shipping

9. Barnstead Automatic Lab Autoclave. Chamber size: 16"x16"x26". Requires
steam source. Good condition. $3,600+shipping.

10. ABI 373A DNA Sequencer. Computer and software not included. Good
condition. $800+shipping.

11. Techne PHC-3 Thermal Cycler. 96 Well Heated Block. Programmable in 5
languages. Excellent condition. $300+Shipping.

12. Biorad 583 Electrophoresis Gel Dryer. Complete with Precision Scientific
Vacuum Pump and Manual. $980+shipping.

13. Beckman 6300 Amino Acid Analyzer. Includes computer interface module,
operating software and manuals. Good condition. $1200+Shipping.

14. Bausch and Lomb Spetronic 20 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer. Range: 0-1000nm.
Good condition. $980+Shipping.

15. Beckman DU-6 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer. Wavelength range: 190-800nm.
Microprocessor controlled unit with integrated CRT Display and Data Output
Interface. Good condition. $900+shipping.

16. Haemonetics Cell Saver 4 Blood Recovery System. Complete with
Instruction Manuals. $1200+Shipping.

17. Hospal Monitral C Hemodialysis Machine. Complete with Instruction
Manuals. $1800+Shipping

18. Baxter SPS 550 Hemodialysis Machine. Complete in good working condition.

19. Grass Model 7D Polygraph. Made in the USA by Grass Instruments Co.
Includes: -One Grass 7P1F Dual Pre-Amps; -One Grass 7P10E Integrator; -One
Grass 7P44B Tachograph Pre-Amp; -One Grass 7P04 DMA Adaptor Panel; -One
Grass 7P1F Low Level DC Pre-Amp; -Eight Grass DC Driver Amplifiers. Good
condition. $550+shipping

20. Buchi RE Rotary Evaporator. Complete unit with stand, controlled
temmperature stainless steel water bath with light status, motor drive,
condenser, receiver flask with clamp and power cables. Tested in good
condition. $1200+Shipping

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and ordering information. For more items like these, please browse our
classifieds at

Mar 21, 2016, 12:04:30 PM3/21/16
Do you have the FPLC manager software?

I have been looking for this for 1 year now.
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