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Andrew Vecsey

Jul 26, 2012, 9:17:30 AM7/26/12
We are talking and walking blobs of organic acids; amino acids, fatty acids and nucleic acids. All about antioxidants, free radicals and vitamin C, citrus fruits, vinegars and pickles. See YouTube video "Organic acids, Simplified".

Fermentation and putrification is nature`s dance between life and death, health and illness, preserving and destroying. See YouTube video "Fermentation, Simplified".

A virus is genetic material without nucleus or cell. See YouTube video "Viruses, Simplified".

Bacteria, the greatest biomass on earth are nucleii without cells. See YouTube video "Bacteria, Simplified".

Molds, their mushrooms and their sex lives. See YouTube video "Fungi; yeasts, molds and mushrooms, Simplified".

Ants and bees are inspiring fruit farmers. See YouTube video "Ants and Bees, Simplified".

Our bodies are walking,talking blobs of cells. See YouTube video "Cells Simplified".

The cycle of life. People (blobs of protein) make sperm and egg cells and couple. Sperm and egg cells couple and make cells, cells make DNA, DNA make chromosomes, chromosomes couple and make sperm and egg cells. See YouTube video "Proteins, DNA and Sex, Simplified".

Hop on, fasten your seat belts and take the ride of your life thru a human body. See YouTube video "Organs and Glands Simplified".

Various foods are presented for their minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fats. See YouTube video "Food as Nutrients Simplified".

How to gain weight and how to lose it. Various foods are presented for their calories. See YouTube video "Food as Calories Simplified".
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