Request for Information on Orphaned Tropical Forest Data

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Sheila Ward

Feb 7, 2017, 8:34:22 PM2/7/17
Request for Information on Orphaned Tropical Forest Data

We hope to compile information on orphaned data for tropical forests,
including inventory and plot data, that are in danger of being lost. Many
projects over the years have generated a lot of tropical forest data. But
the information is scattered among different institutions and people, some
still only on paper, some digitized but in older formats.

TROPIS and ATROFI-UK are two previous databases that compiled metadata on
forest plots and inventories. The data for certain plots are available at and its associated networks. But other plots and
inventories still need attention, re-discovery even. We would like to
compile information on datasets that should be digitized or transformed to
an up-to-date digital format. The goal is firstly to make metadata on these
datasets available on a publicly accessible website, and then to try to
secure the data itself by pushing for appropriate curation with open-access

These legacy datasets are invaluable for understanding how tropical forests
change through time, including the cumulative impacts of changes in land
use and climate, and changes in patterns of biodiversity and carbon
storage. The past can help inform the future.

If you know of any such orphaned databases for tropical forests, please
send a message to: Gillian Petrokofsky or
Sheila Ward . Please pass this message on to
anyone who might be interested.
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