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Littlepink maker

Feb 15, 2019, 4:33:16 PM2/15/19
to Biologigaragen Mailing-List
Hi, all for those who aren't aware we have a new home and are looking forward to getting the community back together.

We are now based inside Symbion - next to the bright pink grow lightroom!
There are a full map and address here on the website. 

We have a super nice layout in the lay at the moment as well as more practical equipment such as a fume hood and water in the room too (demin water and ice are included in our lab too). 

Being based inside Symbion means we have a plethora of resources, as well as new opportunities which makes it great for growing your network. It's also a great place to just get your head down and work too

We have also looked into the structure of the membership system and have reflected on this and I'm pleased to say for those who wish there are volunteer "spaces" we have a volunteer info meetup along with a general meetup and catch up 

Tuesday 19th February at 18:00 sharp. So if anyone wants to know more, catch up or see the new space pop on down. 

Have a great weekend

Enjavi Consulting

Feb 19, 2019, 12:39:29 PM2/19/19
Hi all.
Can not make it tonight on time.ø but will try to catch after 7. Got to correct my side on the SU contract since I did not know we had a lease contract with them. 
So my suggestion is to support the idea of negotiation and pay nd of course the less the better

Simon Sally

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