Why You Should Fix or Replace a Dragging Splash Shield Right Away

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What do you do if you’re driving your vehicle and you notice that the splash guard or splash shield is dragging on the road? Most people may think, Ah well, I’ll just drive with it like this for now. I can always fix or replace it later on. But in reality, there are many reasons why you should fix or replace the splash guard right away. Before getting into those reasons, though, let’s discuss what a splash shield does and how to recognize when yours is dragging on the ground.

What Is a Splash Shield?

A splash shield is designed to protect the underside of your car from water, dirt, and debris kicked up by the tires. It is located on the front bumper and attaches to the underside of your vehicle. When you go over puddles, waves, or drive through rainstorms, this shield will catch any liquid that comes up from below and keep it from getting into your engine compartment. 

Splash shields are made with two different materials - metal and rubber. Metal splash shields are made of steel for durability and can withstand harsh weather conditions without breaking down. Rubber splash shields are less expensive but may need to be replaced more often than metal if exposed to extreme conditions such as snow and ice.

The Purpose of a Splash Shield

A splash shield is a vital component of your vehicle's engine compartment. The primary function of the splash shield is to keep dirt, water, and other debris from entering the engine compartment. A splash shield does not allow moisture and dirt to enter the engine compartments, which may cause irreversible damage to your car's engine. Additionally, it can be hard to see while driving because of the amount of dirt that accumulates on the windshield while driving with a Dragging Splash Shield.

Why You Should Fix or Replace a Dragging Splash Shield Right Away

You can drive your vehicle while the splash shield is dragging. However, it is strongly advised that you fix or replace it right away. In the absence of such precautions, moisture, dirt, and debris may enter the engine compartments and harm the engine parts. Furthermore, once water has accumulated inside your vehicle's engine compartment and dripped down to an exhaust pipe (even just one time), corrosion will be caused on the metal parts of your exhaust system. The corrosion will continue as long as there is water dripping down onto them. This will eventually lead to rusting; which could result in broken pipes and mufflers that could pose a serious safety hazard to you and other drivers around you.

How to Prevent Splash Shields from Dragging

Splash shields are made to protect the engine compartment from water, dirt and debris. Usually, they're affixed to the bottom of the vehicle with bolts. When they start to fall off, they may drag on the ground and can cause serious issues with your vehicle's engine. To prevent this from happening, follow these steps: 

- Check for any loose bolts that might be causing the splash shield to come loose and fix them as soon as possible. 

- If you notice that your splash shield is dragging on the ground, stop driving immediately and inspect it for damage. Even if it doesn't seem damaged now, continued use may worsen the issue over time until you have major problems with your engine. If you are still stuck somewhere or want to read more on Dragging Splash Shield you can easily continue your reading from Autovehicleparts. 

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