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Ivanov, Sergey

Feb 14, 2017, 11:18:56 AM2/14/17
to bio...@googlegroups.com


Could you please help me to get publication quality gene expression images?

The images saved in the png format are only 149 KB but I need journals require at least 300 dpi.




Sergey V. Ivanov, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Department of Surgery

Section of Otolaryngology

Yale School of Medicine 


G Tsueng

Feb 16, 2017, 3:00:00 PM2/16/17
to BioGPS, sergey...@yale.edu
Hi Sergey,

I believe the plugin that creates these images uses a script to automatically size the image based on viewing settings (eg- browser window size), hence there are a few approaches you can take to get bigger images.

1. Create the image from scratch (more work, most custom) - go to the download tab of the expression viewer to download the data, and create a horizontal bar graph with it in Excel
2. Maximize the display of the image in your browser before saving it.  First, open the frame containing the expression viewer in a new tab or window (so it's by itself and not constrained by other plugin content). Maximize, that browser window, and then save the image.  It should give you a bigger image.  You can then adjust the resolution by resizing your image without resampling it in a simple image viewer/editor like Irfanview.

3. User your browser's built in web dev tools to trick the page into thinking you have a higher res screen/bigger browser.  Here are the instructions in firefox, and it should be similar for Chrome...No idea about Safari though.
A. open the frame in a new window (right click in the correct frame).

B. Go to Tools>>Web developer>>Responsive Design Mode.

C. Change the resolution to something bigger. (In this case, I've changed it to 2000x1000)

D. Right-click and save the image.  You should now have a bigger image.  You can then use an image editor to resize it to the appropriate resolution, and resample it to the desired size.

best wishes,
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