how to speed up the ICLV model running time

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zhicheng jin

Jul 3, 2022, 9:20:04 AMJul 3
to Biogeme
Dear Professor  Bierlaire, 

I am using the BIOGEME to solve an ICLV model (including 4 latent variables). It is found that a long time (6 hours + ) is usually needed to solve the model, although I have changed the parameter, NumberOfDraws, from 1000 (default) to 200. I found that the Log Likelihood value of the model was hardly optimized when the program ran to the later stage. 
Is there any way to speed up the ICLV model running time? I see the parameter skipAudit in help documentation. Is it a viable approach? Or only by reducing the NumberOfDraws?

  • skipAudit (bool) – if True, does not check the validity of the formulas. It may save significant amount of time for large models and large data sets. Default: False.

Thanks for your help!
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