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Sep 20, 2021, 2:45:31 AM9/20/21
to Biogeme

Dear Michel,

In the past i have been able to use bisonbiogeme and pythonbiogeme on a supercomputer.
Recently, I have been testing pandasbiogeme on a supercomputer but I have noticed that it does not always use all available resources (both cores and multithreading). Is pandasbiogeme compatible for use on a supercomputer or is this still work in progress for later versions of the software.

Kind regards,

Jullian van Kampen

Bierlaire Michel

Sep 20, 2021, 2:56:12 AM9/20/21
to, Bierlaire Michel, Biogeme
It works on multithreading. I am using it all the time on a large cluster.

If you don’t provide explicitly the number of cores, it is trying to guess it using the function multiprocessing.cpu_count()
On some architecture, it may not return the right number of cores.

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