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Feb 28, 2019, 10:22:40 AM2/28/19
to Biodiverse Users

Some new questions come to my mind and I think the are very related to my previous question.

Once I have filtered the labels as you explained to me in the other publication (like Image 3) I can´t do analyses because the label is ¨Achyrosperum ciliatum: 1172" and my tree has terminal branches with ¨Achyrosperum ciliatum¨ so it doesn´t work, I mean they don´t comunicate each one with the other, so my question is if it´s possible once I have filtered, to remove the labels with 1172 in order to my tree become useful.

And another question is how can I filter once I have filtered or how can I filter and then filter the previous filter because for example I want to see those who are ¨Achyrosperum ciliatum: 1172" and then, those who are "Achyrosperum ciliatum: 1172: 15". ( And then I Would have the  previous problem with the tree) Is there a way to do that? Is it posible?

I need to do some analysis like that ones I have explained and I need a way because I would like to do it using Biodiverse but I need that information.

Thank you very much, I´m looking forward to your answer.
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