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Jul 13, 2022, 12:58:13 PM7/13/22
to bioconductor-teaching
Dear all, 

There have been two PR's since our last meeting to hunt for typos in the bioc-intro lesson. One [1] 'fixes' the British spelling to US in one chapter. I have written all the material with the British spelling, which is what I use on a daily basis.

What is the general feeling about this? Should we standardise (or should I say standardize) all our English lessons to US dialect? Or should be embrace local diversity? Nobody should be confused by it, I assume.

What are your thoughts?

Best wishes,


Drnevich, Jenny

Jul 13, 2022, 1:13:13 PM7/13/22
to, bioconductor-teaching

I personally do not react to British vs. US spelling differences as “typos” in either direction, but I have had more experience than many people on either side, probably. I also like the tidyverse will often have two identical functions with the different spellings (summarize() vs. summarise()). I would say to leave it as it is, even if page is inconsistent in its use of British vs. US.


I was pleasantly surprised at the quick response to our help-wanted issues. Must have recently been an instructor training with people needing to do PRs for check-out.



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Erin Becker

Jul 13, 2022, 1:43:03 PM7/13/22
to Drnevich, Jenny,, bioconductor-teaching
For what it's worth, The Carpentries official style is to use British spelling. Here's an excerpt from the style guide:

We will adhere to a similar style on our website and in other material we make widely available such as blog posts. Lesson contributors and maintainers should aspire to adhere to this style, but may prioritise making material available over style considerations. To ensure that the style guide is as widely applicable as possible, UK English spellings and usage will be used in favour of American spelling.

Erin Becker (she/her/hers)
Associate Director with The Carpentries
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Charlotte Soneson

Jul 13, 2022, 2:02:47 PM7/13/22
to Erin Becker, Drnevich, Jenny,, bioconductor-teaching
I don't have a strong opinion (I'm probably inconsistent myself across documents depending on the collaborators...) - happy to follow The Carpentries style guide and stick with British spelling.
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Jul 14, 2022, 6:53:44 AM7/14/22
to bioconductor-teaching
Thank you all, and especially Erin for pointing us to the official guidelines. I suggest to follow these for the intro lesson which already uses the British spelling anyway. 

Best wishes,

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