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Kikawa richard cliff

Sep 28, 2016, 6:02:09 AM9/28/16
Dear All,
I recently applied biochar to my ginger garden, one hectare, the sun has been terrible rains have just started. However, my concern is that, weeds were flourishing irrespective of the hot sun. A similar story comes from my friend who too applied biochar, could there be a correlation between usage of biochar and weed "improvement"!!

On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 7:13 AM, <> wrote:
Liang Yuetong <>: Sep 27 02:28AM -0700

My name is Yuetong. I am a freshman in the Biochar market. Actually I am
working on a Pyrolysis project and we might get Biochar as a sub product.
What is the price of one ton of Biochar?
Mike Urban <>: Sep 27 09:37AM -0400

40 pound bags wholesale in small quantities for $22.00 each.
A ton would likely be $1,000 but there are not many buyers for "ton"
Better to go after local gardening market in smaller ...more
Nando Breiter <>: Sep 27 04:03PM +0200

Hi Yuetong,
Market prices are regional and would be influenced, I believe, by the added
value its use brings. Consider 2 scenarios. 1) an apple orchard producing
at 50% of its genetic potential ...more
"Ronal W. Larson" <>: Sep 27 09:22AM -0600

You have had several good responses on prices; which can be all over the place; as can the value. Please give us more on what you are doing and your likely costs of making char. ...more
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