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Tom Miles

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Biochar producers and users:


What topics or questions would you want to see discussed at Biochar 2016? We want to make sure that we are answering the needs of biochar producers and users. Abstracts submitted often reflect whatever research is occurring at the time. Tell us what is important to your productive activity whether it is making char, brokering or selling biochar, restoring natural resources (forests, grasslands, habitat, water), improving soil fertility, growing crops, or improving the environment.    


Some suggested topics include:

Biochar product quality. What is “good” biochar? What’s “bad” biochar?

Moisture content. What MC is appropriate for various uses?

Measuring biochar “quality”. What laboratories analyze biochar? What do you analyze for?  

Application of wood derived biochar back into sustainably harvested forest environments

Quality and use of biochar from grasses including straw, seed screenings, and sugar cane bagasse.  

Biochars from waste derived feedstocks such as urban wood waste, manures, sewage sludge.

How to interpret toxicity of biochars such as PAH for different uses.

Post processing and packaging biochars for use – pellets, granules.

Post processing. What are the applications for leaching, acid balance, sizing, full or partial activation?

Use of biochars and biochar blends in agricultural systems such as no-till and pre-cultivation.

Composting with biochar. What happens to nitrogen?  What are good blends of biochar and organics? How much?

Regulations for labelling. Can the (AAPFCO) legal definition of biochar that requires 60% carbon be changed for straws, manures and other chars that are different from wood chars?

Biochar size. What are appropriate sizes of char for different uses.

Stormwater applications. What quality is needed for stormwater use?  What are the uses?

Biochar in animal feed. How and where can it be used? Is it used today in poultry or beef?

pH. Does biochar need to be neutralized? Where can it be used as is?

Heat treat temperature. What are the appropriate uses for “high temperature” and “low temperature” chars?

Processing. Do pyrolysis and gasification chars have different uses? What works best where?  

Soil quality. Are there standard methods for measuring changes and improvements in soil quality with biochar?

Systems for making heat and biochar for greenhouse or other applications. Do they work?

Industrial biochar production. What systems are available?

Where are there long term trials with biochar?  


Tell us what is important to you.


Many Thanks


Tom Miles

USBI 2016 Conference Chair


August 22-25, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR






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