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Ben Discoe

Jun 29, 2009, 2:22:44 AM6/29/09
This just popped up:

"biochar.. soil amendment.. roughly $10 per cubic foot or $250 for a yard"

No name, location or phone number, but it might be someone already on this list. (?)

$10/ft3, assuming a typical density of 220 kg/m3, is around $.73/lb, and $250/yd3 is $.67/lb. Those are reasonable prices.

The only alternative, on this island, appears to be spending around $1/lb on "cowboy charcoal" from a retail store, then taking a hammer to it. I know some folks doing that. I've done it myself. Gets real boring hitting it with a hammer.

The various companies promising high-tech biochar-making machines claim they'll be able to mass-produce and sell at $.25/lb or less, but as that's a ways off, this craiglist person could be a practical source now for those with money.


josiah hunt

Jun 29, 2009, 1:46:48 PM6/29/09
I put the posting on craigslist. I left it anonymous because I am
curious to see the response before passing out my name and number. so
far you are the only person who has responded. those prices are what
I charge and I am awaiting sample analysis from several samples (PH,
CEC, NPK, micronutrients).
- Josiah

Bruce Gradek

Mar 23, 2015, 10:52:45 AM3/23/15
Those are good prices. I represent a California-based biochar firm that sells nationwide (although most within Ca.). pH adjusted to neutral, cleaned of fines, sized down to 2.0mm. $320/cubic yard on the high end; big orders less. Shipping costs to Hawaii have always been the killer. Good luck with the biochar. Momentum within the ag sector definitely building.
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