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Ben Discoe

Jan 2, 2011, 2:55:04 AM1/2/11
to biochar...@googlegroups.com
I received this email recently, and was surprised to hear about biochar
efforts in Hawaii that i had not yet heard of. See below especially about
'Big Island Growers' with USDA grant to build an 8 m3 retort. Josiah, is
that you? Or does anyone else know who it is? And who in UH has a BEK?


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Subject: your biofuel and biochar index

ben, i see you are maintaining a rather complete link list of biochar
making machines as well as biofuel related projects in hawaii.
this is jim mason of all power labs, the maker of the biochar experiments
kit. see here:

we have one of these at the univ of hawaii, as well as one of our
gasifiers. you can see some of the pix here

the big island growers is also using one of our control units to run
their biochar makers.

the hawaiian islands keep surfacing as a locale uniquely fitting for
these types of small scale distributed energy and ag product
solutions. we're very interested in collaborating with other orgs and
individuals that are so inclined. we regularly hold workshops over
hands on machines and do need to org one for hawaii soon.

thank you for your efforts in putting everyone's info up regarding this


Jim Mason
Website: http://www.whatiamupto.com
Current Projects:
   - Gasifier Experimenters Kit (the GEK): http://www.gekgasifier.com
   - Escape from Berkeley alt fuels vehicle race: www.escapefromberkeley.com
   - ALL Power Labs on Twitter: http://twitter.com/allpowerlabs
   - Shipyard Announce list:

josiah hunt

Jan 2, 2011, 5:17:34 PM1/2/11
to biochar...@googlegroups.com

Big Island Growers is Bob Ely, the engineer I have been working with.
The 8m3 retort is being built by him to be used by me and has a BEK
computer system to operate it. You may be interested in the new
program he wrote for the unit (available at the BEK website I
believe). The UH link has the name Adam Asquith in it. Adam has been
doing some work with biochar on Kauai. I believe he even made a car
which utilized the BEK system.

Glad to see that you are still keeping up on things here in Hawaii. I
would be glad to fill you in on what has been going on lately. How
are things on the mainland?

- Josiah

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