We're moving BigQuery developer support to Stack Overflow (using the tag "google-bigquery")

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Michael Manoochehri

May 1, 2012, 8:07:21 PM5/1/12
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Hi BigQuery Developers:

Now that BigQuery has launched to general availability, we will be moving our BigQuery developer support to Stack Overflow. Google BigQuery engineers will be answering technical questions tagged with google-bigquery (ask a question here).

Why are we moving to Stack Overflow?

We are moving technical discussion to Stack Overflow because we think this will improve developer support, increase the speed that questions get answered, and improve the quality of answers.

Many Google developer products already use Stack Overflow to provide technical support, and a large number of Google engineers are already heavily involved in the Stack Overflow community.

How to ask a question on Stack Overflow:

1. Log into Stack Overflow
You must first login before you can ask a question. If haven't used Stack Overflow before, you can simply log in using your Google account! Many other login methods are supported as well.

2.  Asking a Question
Tag your question with "google-bigquery." Tagging your question will not only help us find it quickly, but it will appear on the list of BigQuery questions for others to see. Here's a
form that you can use to create an already tagged question. :-)

3.  Subscribing to questions about Google BigQuery
It's easy to subscribe to or get an RSS feed of new BigQuery-related questions on Stack Overflow. When you see the "google-bigquery" tag, hover over it with your cursor. You should see options for subscribing to the tag.

4. Answer questions
One of the best things about using Stack Overflow is the process of gaining reputation points and badges, which unlock additional features of the site. Since many of you are actively developing with the Google BigQuery API, we welcome your input to questions and technical discussions.

We appreciate all the questions and feedback we've gotten through the bigquery-discuss forum during the BigQuery limited preview. We look forward to even more discussion over at Stack Overflow!

The Google BigQuery Team

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