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Apr 18, 2012, 2:37:32 PM4/18/12
So I am learning python (don't hate me for that) I am an SEO guy. I want to use BigQuery as I think this will be a great tool to use. Any help any of you can give in references as a launching point would be great. I have large data sets that I have to pull and put into excel files. I am sick of that. I want this to automate using a chron job or something similar. I want to pull my analytics and webmaster tools data together. I also think that I can use some of the tools of BigQuery to crawl my competitors to see what they are doing to spy on them so to speak. I want to build this out. 

Any place where I can start?

Is there any TC's in here by the way? I am a TC in the search Forum.

Michael Manoochehri

Apr 19, 2012, 2:45:38 AM4/19/12
Hi Matt:

So, Python is a great language to use with BigQuery API - as is Ruby, Java, JavaScript, and others as well!

If you already have Python installed on your machine, the two tools I would suggest getting to know are:
  • gsutil - a command line tool for interacting with Google Cloud Storage, written in Python
  • bq - the BigQuery command line client, also written in Python
Both of these open source tools are great for getting started uploading raw data into Cloud Storage, and then ingesting that data and running queries in BigQuery.

When you are ready to write more of your own code, I would suggest getting a hold of the Google Python API client library. This library helps you simplify interacting with the BigQuery API, as well as other Google APIs, via Python.

The BigQuery Developer's guide has tons of Python code samples to check out as well. For a complete sample of almost everything you can do with the BigQuery API and Python, check out the source code to the bq tool.

- Michael 
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