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Jul 17, 2010, 7:52:33 AM7/17/10
to BigBlueButton-Setup

it may be the tikiwiki bigbluebutton's fault, but i have experienced
the following strangeness when using the plugin:

the microphone can not be turned on in the flash interface ...
therefore no sound at all after setting up the 0.7 VM using salt.

description of process:

download, unzip 0.7 VM
create virtual machine using bbb disk image, start vm, wait for
package updates, login, new password

first bbb-conf --set-ip SOMEHOST works perfectly, i can log in the
Demo Meeting with multiple users, microphone and sharing works all

then i add the salt via sudo bbb-conf --salt SALT and restart with
sudo bbb-conf --clean

i can still access http://somehost , but can not log in to any
meetings anymore due to salt , thats ok, cause its secure like this

now i add the salt to my tikiwiki 5.0 via admin->features

then i create a wikipage with the plugin: {bigbluebutton name=My
Conference Room}

i am able to connect to the conference, even with multiple users,
webcam sharing works, but the microphone can not be shared. clicking
on the flash microphone icon does not give any sound, nor any
confirmation dialog to allow access to the webcam/mic devices

now as I do not have too much experience regarding BBB, i would kindly
ask for your help to get the microphone sharing working




Jul 17, 2010, 9:04:51 AM7/17/10
to BigBlueButton-Setup
notified the tikiwiki team of the issue here:


reading from the comments on dev.tw.o , others have experienced the
same issues using the tikiwiki bbb plugin


Fred Dixon

Jul 17, 2010, 9:46:28 AM7/17/10
to bigbluebu...@googlegroups.com
Hi Lorinic,

At the moment, the command

bbb-conf --salt <new_salt>

only changes bigbluebutton.properties, not bbb_api_conf.jsp. This
essentially locks down your server so the API examples no longer work
(the salt in bbb_api_conf.jsp no longer matches the salt in

bbb-conf --salt XXX

and then run

bbb-conf --check

I get on a test server

** Potential Problems **
Salt mismatch:

Again, this is good for locking down the server. Now, onto the voice problem.

Can you try

bbb-conf --check

and share the results (except the lines that refer to your salt!).
We've built in a number of checks to the BigBlueButton configuration
utility that will attempt to detect any problems with running
processes, configuration files, or log files.

Regards,... Fred

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