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Felipe Cecagno

Jul 13, 2011, 2:37:23 PM7/13/11
Hello everybody,

In the last few days we've been working on a new module that we've called "Video dock". It aims to be like the video pod on Adobe Connect, a special window where all the videos are docked and auto-organized. So, that's the idea: a user join a meeting, then all the videos that are being published on the meetings are docked in this special window. If the user wants to drag it out of the window, of course he can do it and organize it as he wants. The video dock can be freely resized and moved, and the video windows inside it will be adapted to his size.

The video dock is a new module and can be enabled or disabled by the config.xml, and the  "autoDock" is a configurable parameter of it.

Also, we've added three buttons that appear when the user put the mouse on any video window (they are not available when the window are docked):
- the first one restore the window to it's original size (the original video resolution);
- the third one lock and unlock the window aspect ratio - the idea is that sometimes the user doesn't like the constraint of just have the possibility to resize the video window keeping the aspect ratio, so clicking this button he can enable and disable this constraint. Of course, the video inside this window will keep the aspect ratio and will be adapted to the window size (maximum dimensions and centered inside the window);
- the second one fit the window to the video.

This module is being tested at, you are very welcome to take a look. Also the source code is available at
If you have any suggestion or bug report, please send us a feedback.

We hope you find it useful. :)

Felipe Cecagno
GT-Mconf Team

Fred Dixon

Jul 13, 2011, 3:06:14 PM7/13/11
Nicely done Felipe!

A few comments

a) Loved the overlay icons on the video. I think you can remove the
keep aspect ratio icon -- the enclosing window should also have the
correct aspect ratio

b) It would be great to give some feedback in the UI when the user has
a video window hovered over the doc so that letting go of the mouse
will drop the video into the dock

c) I found myself trying to optimize the width/height of the doc
itself to keep empty space within it to a minimum. It would be great
if the doc did a snap-to-fit like a video window when you have keep
aspect ratio true.

Cheers,.. Fred

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Felipe Cecagno

Jul 25, 2011, 4:13:22 PM7/25/11
Hi everyone,

Thanks for your feedback, Fred!
We've adapted the implementation to attend your first two suggestions, it's available on


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