BigBlueButton 2.5.0-rc.3 Released (corrected link)

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Fred Dixon

May 15, 2022, 9:43:06 PMMay 15
to BigBlueButton-dev
We are pleased to announce BigBlueButton 2.5.0-rc.3!

This is a minor iteration of BigBlueButton 2.5 release candidate to ensure build numbers are propagated for HTML5 client after an upgrade from a previous release of 2.5.

We'd like to encourage community members to try out this release and provide their feedback on BigBlueButton-dev forum -- both positive or negative. All bug reports are welcome!

Link to installation command / instructions/ schedule / new features :

Thanks to the community members who provided feedback to the earlier 2.5 releases!

The full release notes can be found on

To try out 2.5.0-rc.3, visit

If you want to report any potential security issues with BigBlueButton, please e-mail us at

As always, we welcome feedback on this latest update.

Regards,.. Fred

asim quadri

Jun 5, 2022, 3:53:25 PMJun 5
to BigBlueButton-dev
Hi All,

I need an urgent  help to setting up bigblue button on my Ubuntu 18.0 server.

I did some part but I'm getting issue while joining the meeting with 401 unauthorized error

Anyone can help please come forward i will pay for that , It is on very urgent situation

Any developer who can help can connect to this email
email :-

Thank You

Fred Dixon

Jun 5, 2022, 6:11:01 PMJun 5
to BigBlueButton-dev
Hi Asim,

We're now on BigBlueButton 2.4-rc.4, which installs on Ubuntu 20.04 (not 18.04).  Also, when posting such questions, please start a new thread and see the docs on the information you need to share for others to help.  

Regards,... Fred

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