[bigbluebutton-dev] Minutes from BigBlueButton committers meeting 2010-04-27

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Fred Dixon

Apr 27, 2010, 2:45:06 PM4/27/10
to BigBlueButton-dev
We held a BigBlueButton committers meeting this morning at 10:00 AM
EDT (using BigBlueButton of course!). The purpose of the call was to
look back at the 0.64 release (what worked, what we could do better),
and plan for the upcoming BigBlueButton 0.7 release.

Chen Guangtao
Denis Zgonjanin
Fred Dixon
Jeremy Thomerson
Marco Calderon
Islam Islam El-Ashi
Richard Alam
Tiago Jacobs
Xie Yan Qing

See attached


- While there are lots of small updates (see issue tracker for items
tagged as "Release0.7"), the big focus of this release is the addition
- Feedback from our community is that Ease of Use and Stability are
more important than features (except when it comes to whiteboard,
which everyone wants :-).

Assignment of localization files
- Need to ensure that if people contribute localization files they are
assigning the copyright to the project. We're going to setup a Drupal
server (thanks sanduhrs! http://bit.ly/bzX8Ef) to streamline this

- We're also going to simplify the process of moving to GIT. Look for
a follow-up announcement to the mailing list when the repository is
setup. For now, SVN is still the primary method of commits.

We're trying to keep the iterations under 8 weeks, but we release on
quality. Work is underway on many of the items, and you'll see
updates to http://devbuild.bigbluebutton.org/ as the work becomes
visible. Details of items currently tagged for 0.7 release:


We want to give 0.7 lots of stress testing and coverage -- especially
in the last two weeks. As with the BigBlueButton 0.64 release, we'll
move code to http://demo.bigbluebutton.org/ to ensure the new features
get a wider testing before general release.

Regards,... BigBlueButton Team

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