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Einar Ingebrigtsen

Apr 27, 2012, 9:09:03 AM4/27/12
One of the challenges we face is the ability to have more data available during the execution of the Command pipeline and populating this on the CommandHandler is too late.
And having the data on the command is kinda wrong as well, since its not data coming from the user; the Command should only really contain data that the user put in directly or indirectly - it should not have stuff added to it at a later stage by the system.

What if we introduced something called CommandMetaData - holding extra bits.
Basically, you wouldn't need to have a specific class or implementation for it - necessarily, but rather a CommandMetaDataDescriptor that set up resolvers that was capable of setting up MetaData. Then the MetaData could just be part of the unit of work (CommandContext) as a dynamic object.

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