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Welcome to the BID Learning Network (BLN)! 

This group is a space where individuals and teams can share experiences - challenges and successes - related to various areas of immunization: data entry, data use, policies, tools, implementation, etc.

Below are details of how to receive and send messages through the group. If you experience any issues posting to the group, please contact Chilunga Puta at


Getting Started:

To get started, set your preferences of how and the frequency in which you want to receive communications from the BID Learning Network. These options are located “My Settings”:

Send and Receive Messages:

Correspondence with the group can either be done by a) logging into the google group or b) through the inbox of your preferred email.

Option a) If you prefer to access messages through the google group, choose “Don’t send email updates”. To post to a previous thread, select that thread in the group page and click “post reply”. To begin a new topic, select “New Topic”.

Option b) If emails to your inbox are your preference, select any of the email options from the drop down menu. Once you receive a post from the group, you can reply to or begin a new topic by emailing

Reading Previous Posts:

At any time, you can read through previous posts by accessing the main page:

Thank you and we look forward to your collaboration in the BID Learning Network!