FACT #0000001 - If you're afraid to bickerfest, the terrorists have won.

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Sep 17, 2007, 3:20:28 AM9/17/07
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FACT #0000001

If you're afraid to bickerfest, the terrorists have won.

so take down your American flag.

and start burning all the books.

and the records.

and all those other great works of art.

and... every five minutes (or so) keep puckering up and reapplying
your lipstick as you continue kissing evil ass every single day for
the rest of your cowardly little life.

am i being too harsh?


it's true.

and you know it.

so go back to your fearful little life and shut the fuck up about it.

you're completely owned.

you're a slave.

trapped by your own self-applied chains.

so you're completely worthless to yourself and your future.

because you have absolutely no human dignity left.

all you have is fear.

fear fear fear.

and more fear.

oh, and all of the creature "comforts" of being a complete coward.



nah, i'm just kidding.

i only said all of those things about you because my wonderfully
creative and educational and uplifting and humorous bickerfest freedom
and democracy business project is failing miserably.

it's not YOUR fault that you're a complete coward.

so i really shouldn't make fun of you like that.

i'm just bitter that i live in a country that used to be GREAT (for
the most part), and fun, and productive, and loving, and generous, and
mostly peace-loving, but is now very very shitty and full of people
whom are either totally paranoid beyond belief and/or they're as
stupid as a pile of shit.

nah, i'm just kidding again.

the REAL reason that i'm bitter is because i have absolutely no
creativity at all, nor do i have any sense of humor whatsoever, and
i'm dumber than Anna Nicole Smith ever was on her dumbest stupidest

so, you see, i'm taking all of that bitterness for my shortcomings out
on you, dear bickerfest non-reader, which is totally unfair to you.

therefore, please accept my sincerest bitterest apologies, k?

i'll just go off into the corner and lick my wounds, and tomorrow i'll
venture off to get an application for a french-fry box assembler
position at McDonald's or Burger King or someplace like that where i
can be of more constructive use to my country (and myself).

cha' ching!

(minimum wage)

coming soon:

FACT #0000002

assembling french-fry boxes is
MUCH harder than i ever imagined.

nah, i'm just kidding.

and i really mean it this time.

bickerfest on!

my investor should be writing a nice juicy check any day now.

party hats!


nah, i'm just kidding.

stop goofing off at work reading the bickerfest.

it was nothing but a pipedream.



Free Speech -- Use it or Lose it



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