POLL #0000087 Why aren't actual discussions ever posted?

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Oct 14, 2007, 3:14:57 PM10/14/07
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Oct 14, 2007, 9:11:34 PM10/14/07
to bickerfest.com
On Oct 14, 3:14?pm, aj <arlee...@gmail.com> wrote:

> see subject line

POLL #0000087
Why aren't actual discussions ever posted?

the leads are weak?



but seriously...

apparently, nobody who knows about bickerfest.com feels like
discussing anything.

well, not here, anyway.

it must be a lack of Poll questions, or something.

there's only been about eighty or so, after all.

that aside, i suppose nobody has anything they feel like discussing on
their own initiative.

well, not here, anyway.


why do you ask?

what's your theory?



How to reach 100,000 people for under a dollar


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Oct 15, 2007, 3:13:04 PM10/15/07
to bickerfest.com
On Oct 15, 12:29?pm, Ultraviolet <paula.li...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Oct 14, 6:11 pm, "blurbees.com" <blurb...@gmail.com> wrote:
> <>
> > apparently, nobody who knows about bickerfest.com feels like
> > discussing anything.
> > well, not here, anyway.
> > it must be a lack of Poll questions, or something.
> In general, I don't like poll questions much.

well, nor do i.

hence my constant mockery of same.




> They don't inspire me to write.

why not?

for instance, questions always inspire me to write.

> I get inspired when someone takes a position that moves me in
> some way, such as the Zen god post I just answered.

most of the polls i've posted here tend to take a position.

> Also, I find a certain style annoying.


> I dislike being hounded by 8 zillion questions after
> I put forth an opinion.

poor you.

> If I try to answer them all, it takes too long.

hey, i know, let's throw a pity party!

> If I skip some, I feel that you will
> hound me about that and offer up silly psychological
> analyses of why I skipped stuff.

this is a bickerfest not a cakewalk.

> I can laugh it off at first, but after a while I don't
> feel like bothering to reply.

you don't say.

ba'dum, chsh!

> I can imagine that this paragraph will
> be dissected and examined every which way,

i plan on responding to this post of yours 100 times.

and each runthrough will be a completely new approach.

that's my talent.

and my fun.

> and I'm telling you now
> it's likely I won't reply to any of it.

shall i notify my bookie?

> Too much bother.

uh huh.

actually, i don't doubt that regarding some of my questions.

> Since I'm probably not that unique of a snowflake,

oh, but you are.

> I would guess that
> others feel similarly and that's why it's been so quiet.

that's not why.

> Or you can go
> on believing that it's quiet because everyone's
> brainwashed and you've "bested" them,

it's not about "besting" anyone.

my questions are sincere.

particularly the ones that most people avoid.

asking the questions i do tends to get to the brainwashes of the

it's a talent of mine.

and i've been utilizing it ever since i learned to talk.

> not change your style,

it's not a "style".

and i wouldn't want to change it.

> and revel in the silence.

you act like that's a bad thing.

> I hope you take this as helpful, rather than hostile, but we'll see.

it's both.


anyway, know this.

there is absolutely no hostility meant from moi.


well, not towards you in this particular post, anyway.

(nor any others so far here in the bickerfest).

i CAN be hostile, certainly.

but i reserve that particular talent for those times when it comes

(for those who have earned it).

like W, for instance.

and other greedy stupid self-righteous overly-hypocritical harm-
causing arrogant twerps.


anyway, bickerfest is not about me.

it's a forum for interesting and entertaining discussions.

i'm just one of the people involved in those discussions.

to the extent that they ever happen, that is.


Oct 15, 2007, 8:11:28 PM10/15/07
to bickerfest.com
I answered this early this morning through my digest. Did it end up in
email instead of being posted?


Oct 15, 2007, 11:55:33 PM10/15/07
to bickerfest.com
Since my earlier reply didn't appear to make it, let's try this

My theory is that instead of asking one poll question after another,
you ought to put your own toe in the water and see what bites.

The biggest problem for me is time. When I feel like writing something
discussion worthy, which is rare, I do it on my blog. After all, I
know the people I like to talk to will check it out and might respond,
but I really don't much care if it generates discussion because I
don't even know if I'll have time to stay engaged in it.

But in the interests of putting my words where my fingers are I'll do
the next best thing and copy and paste my blog post here, too. It can
be found at


Begin post:

I don't know if all states do this, but in Florida, if you don't want/
can't care for your baby, you can take it to a hospital or fire
station and leave it in the care of someone there. I just read this
article on devices in some countries that are actually new versions of
an old device that allowed people to leave their babies somewhere
safe, usually at a church.


That's really kind of cool that such a simple solution was available
to people who couldn't care for their babies so long ago and that it
has returned in this age, though that does bring up the problem of who
will take care of these abandoned children, and where does the money
come from?

Still, life's hard, and it's no help to condemn the mother (the usual
person to leave the baby, I imagine) for a situation she can't
control. It's so easy to say she should have thought things through
before she got pregnant, but people's stories are rarely so
straightforward and simple for us to find easy targets to blame.

So what do you think of this idea of baby hatches?

End post



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