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Oct 8, 2007, 10:37:08 AM10/8/07
October 8th, 2007 -- BFD BREAKING NEWS -- Bickerville, USA --
Expressing your actual opinions is a no no.

(various highly intimidating news stories and personal anecdotes to
follow -- graphically demonstrating that one should just shut the fuck
up and fall in line to obey whatever prevailing insanity is most
aggressively pursued).



NOTE to potential future employers, landlords, food owners, social
shunners, and other gatekeepers, etc..

these bickerfest posts contain NONE of my actual opinions -- it's just
playful mindless banter.

i personally have no actual opinions whatsoever, and never did.

if you'd like me to write some biting satire to support and promote
your various exploitations or extremist nutcase ideas (or whatever)
please contact my agent.

(ask for Moe at Spindoctors Ink, Inc.).

preference will be given to the highest bidders (but only if that's
part of your nutcase creed).

i'm motivation flexible, but again, only if that's part of your
nutcase creed.



Free Speech -- Use it or Lose it.

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