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Quotes - Biblionews
The rapid proliferation of electronic content (e-content), combined with library inaccessibility to e-content, is undermining the historic library missions of providing equitable access to information for all people and of preserving the recorded history of humankind for future generations. – Jackie Rafferty
I would like to see citizens comfortable knowing that if there is a story worth telling
they can tell it. And if there’s a story worth finding, they can find it.  – Jacob Caggiano

Are we talking about collaborations that simply involve journalists using the library for research and news sources, or the library becoming a publisher of community news?

How might communities respond?   - Anne Raci and Jamie Helgren

What if instead of using the media to provoke fear we used it to create shared experiences?
           Mary Chute
How do we preserve digital content — news, photos, audio, multimedia — which commercial newspaper owners often don’t care about, yet the community does and posterity will. So how to get these interests in alignment?
                                                            - Dorothy Jean Carner
How can we ensure
that civic discourse – or just intelligent, balanced or wide-ranging points of view expressed – becomes mainstream?
-      Marla Crockett

How can folks in the education establishment in general, and journalism and library science in particular, impart the critical thinking skills that will enable consumers of information to sort out (reliably) the credible from the non-credible?
-      David Gordon and Amy Penwell

The convergence of library work with journalism includes ways of documenting sources and providing a verifiable body of truth/information accessible and useful to citizens.  – Christine Saed
I envision collaboration, education, promoting interpersonal relations between generations and communities.  – Suzie Katz
Libraries can become hubs of digital citizen engagement. – Evelyn Messinger
The library as a “third place” needs to further evolve to serve as a center for public discourse. – Jacqueline Rafferty
As privately owned media become more monolithic and conservative, it will be up to public informational outlets like libraries to pick up the slack. – Suzanne Searle
The more we move away from the role of libraries as lenders of physical materials the more we increase our role as managers of information and helping people navigate and access multiple avenues to information.  – Ruth Urell
Libraries will become intellectual and cultural hubs of communities, while residents can test new technologies, get trouble-shooting assistance and find up-to-date information about their municipality.  – Christi Showman Farrar
As the web sprawls, librarians must help users ferret out the trustworthy information from the junk.  – Barbara Zang
The move to citizen journalism suggests libraries will perhaps provide the data and documents these people need to report accurately on their communities.
Librarians are conveners and hosts for community consensus investigation.  – Tom Flanagan
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