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Frederick Giasson

Sep 29, 2016, 8:48:02 AM9/29/16
Hi Everybody,

As some of you know, we had quite a lot of issues with the BIBO domain
name in the last few months. Let me outline what happened and what is
the final status of the situation.

(1) Initially we had some issues with the domain's
registration that expired. At the time, it was owned by OpenLinks which
supported the initiative when it started. Then the domain got in the
limbos of the registrars.

(2) I mean time, I created a new domain for the ontology:

(3) All at the same time, the service, which BIBO rely on,
was not working anymore. No administrator could edit any PURL anymore.
So we were in a situation where we had a new domain, but where the PURL
URIs were still pointing to the old server.

(4) At that point we were stuck

(5) A few weeks later, I found that was back
operational, but on servers that I don't own or that I don't have access
to (or anybody else in this project). They apparently cloned the old
website, but with the old information.

(6) As of two days ago,'s management as been transferred to
the Web Archive, and is now back fully functional! So I updated the PURL
references to point to the new domain.

The conclusion of all this is that the domain is
deprecated and shouldn't be used anymore. The new domain is and the PURLs are now pointing to the right

Sorry about all these issues.



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