USFM woes. Why is \periph not in USFM.sty and USFM_sb.sty?

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Eric Chapman

Apr 13, 2022, 2:35:24 PM4/13/22
to Teus Benschop

Hi, ya'll on the Bibledit list (not just Teus),

I realize you may not be USFM experts, but you're way ahead of me…

I want to add all the Front Matter markers to my custom stylesheet. I honestly did not know what to put in the various fields under \periph once I added it, so I went searching thinking that somewhere there must be a stylesheet on the internet that would have all of these markers in it, and the data from which I could copy. (Now I think that I'm supposed to add \periph Title page and the analogous markers, and that \periph by itself is not supposed to exist as a style.)

I finally found

At that link there are two stylesheets, one is usfm.sty and the other – for study Bibles – is usfm–sb.sty.

I searched for "\periph" in both. There is no such marker except one reference to it. There are hits for "periph", but I can't find \periph itself. So …

(1) Why in the world would the standard stylesheet not have these markers? and

(1b) Can anyone supply a stylesheet for me with these \periph … styles in them, so I don't have to re-invent the wheel each time trying to figure out how to configure each one?

(2) Am I correct that I need to add, for example, \periph Title Page, \periph Half Title Page, etc., etc?

Here's what I have so far for the first one, \periph Title Page. Assuming I am supposed to do (2) above, am I right about these settings? What can I check against?

I especially do not know about the "This one" item. I chose "is a comment", but I'm totally unsure about that. Nonetheless, these are my only options:

If the answer to "This style" … "is an identifier" is wrong, then my options would be different…

Thank you to any and all you can guide this lost sheep as he wanders around the USFM fold.


Eric Chapman

Apr 13, 2022, 2:42:03 PM4/13/22
to Teus Benschop

Hmmm (in regard to your statement that I need only add "\periph", not "\periph Title Page". I don't understand anything in USFM. Just when I think I'm getting it, it makes no sense again and again. I originally thought according to what you've written, but then looking at all of this stuff about peripherals made me think each one had to me created separately since they are listed separately. Unfortunately, the documentation for USFM 3.0 does not include sample screenshots for the peripherals (that I can find) – unlike the real-life examples here for chapter & verse. So I'm just going in circles with this stuff.


On 4/13/22 14:27, Teus Benschop wrote:

About \periph that definitely is the correct style. But then to manually type " Title Page" or whatever else, after it.

Just like say \id is the style, but then to type manually e.g. \id GEN.

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Eric Chapman

Apr 13, 2022, 2:44:52 PM4/13/22
to Teus Benschop

ADDED THE LINKS to the USFM standards I was looking at.

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Michael Johnson

Apr 14, 2022, 3:39:30 AM4/14/22
to Eric Chapman, Teus Benschop

My recommendation is to not use the \periph marker. Very few people do.


Michael Johnson

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