Explosive New Report Documents 'The Religious Face of the New World Order: From the Vatican to the White House to the United Religions Initiative'

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Perilous Times, Globalisation and The New World Order

Explosive New Report Documents 'The Religious Face of the New World Order: From the Vatican to the White House to the United Religions Initiative'

Contact: Cliff Kincaid, 443-964-8208; www.usasurvival.org  

MEDIA ADVISORY, Feb. 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new report from the public policy group America's Survival, Inc. (ASI), headed by veteran investigative reporter Cliff Kincaid, explores how and why the Pope's call for a "World Political Authority" plays into the hands of those demanding a "New World Order" and increased power and authority for the United Nations. Author Lee Penn says, "The question is not whether there will be a New World Order. The question is who will control it, and for what ends." The Vatican, he argues, is determined to be a major global player.

Kincaid comments, "This report, with almost 300 endnotes, examines in detail how and why the Vatican has abandoned its resistance to a New World Order. This is a major sea change in world events and the global political order." Penn, who previously wrote the book, False Dawn, about global religion, notes in this report that "When the Pope agrees with Mikhail Gorbachev, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Henry Kissinger, the new President of the European Union, and other secular leaders on the need for global governance and a new world order, we can know that the world has indeed experienced a 'harmonic convergence' and entered a new age." Kincaid's introduction to the report goes into substantial detail about the roles being played in this unfolding international drama by the Obama Administration and financial hedge fund operator George Soros, who is pouring large sums of money into various politically active "Catholic" groups.

Penn observes the significance of what is happening:

In the past, the proponents of "global governance" have faced Papal skepticism or opposition. With the publication of Caritas in Veritate, Benedict XVI has himself come out strongly for a new world order. He might wish to put a new international system to different uses than those supported by Mikhail Gorbachev, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Henry Kissinger, or others -- but he agrees that a new international system, "a true world political authority," must come into being.

In the explosive report, Penn offers his own provocative theory of what is happening and why. World government, he argues, depends on a global religion. ASI President Kincaid adds, "On a basic level, this can be viewed as an attempt to bring together the world's Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. It is not clear how Islam will be integrated into this global system but the United Religions Initiative (URI) seems designed to accomplish this goal. As Lee Penn documents, the URI even included practitioners of Wicca (witchcraft) as well as an Islamic cleric convicted of rape."

While much of this seems inevitable, Kincaid says that opposition is emerging from traditional Christians, most especially conservative Catholics.

The 84-page report is available at www.usasurvival.org. Interviews are available with ASI President Cliff Kincaid and Lee Penn, the author of the report.

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