Postmodern Christian Persecution: It Is Here!

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Pastor Dale Morgan

Feb 18, 2010, 8:57:44 PM2/18/10
Perilous Times

Postmodern Christian Persecution: It Is Here!

Posted by Dr. Carl S. Parnell On February - 18 - 2010

Postmodern Christianity in America has faced many attacks from anti-Christian groups and individual people for the past two decades. These attacks have been mostly a “war of words” and or possibly the destruction of property. However, as of January 30, 2010, Christian persecution in America took a turn for the worst, meaning the cold-blooded murder of two street preachers in Boynton Beach, Florida. An eighteen old boy, who apparently had a disdain for the Christian message presented to him by two local street preachers, Tite Sufra, age 24, and Stephen Ocean, age 23, shot and killed them. As a result, the subliminal reason these two Christian preachers were killed should be exposed to Christians of all faiths.

America has been predominantly a Christian nation since its beginning in the late seventeen hundreds. However, with the emergence of many new anti-Christian religious and ideological groups in the United States after World War II, Christianity has had to encounter a myriad of attacks against its Biblically-inspired, faith-based moral value system. As a result, more and more Americans have developed a hatred for Christians. But, what is the rationale for this unwarranted hatred toward Christians? Also, who is literally responsible for the promotion of vicious verbal and physical attacks on hardworking, people-loving, peace-promoting, God-fearing Christians in America? Ultimately, why have American Christians been demonized?

The true story begins with America’s forefathers who made sure that Christianity would become the backbone of America’s heritage. However, in postmodern America, certain forces are attempting to rid America of its foundational Christian faith. The faith of America’s founders is hanging on by a thread. Even though churches in the United States are still operational, the spirit of Christ is being attacked throughout the land. Therefore, the persecution of Christians is growing in the United States. Of course, the death of the two “Christian Warriors” in Florida gives validity to the aforementioned premise.

From the beginning of the twentieth century until the present, thousands of Christians have been persecuted for their faith all around the world. However, in the last five decades, this anti-Christian spirit has spread to America’s shores. According to Manly P. Hall, a well-known author and leading scholar in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult, “They are the invisible powers behind the thrones of earth, and men are but marionettes, dancing while the invisible ones pull the strings. Satan’s string pullers have patiently manipulated unregenerate architects of American society for over five decades, networking both visible and invisible principalities to discredit Christian causes. Indicators reveal the propaganda blame-game against western believers is working.” (1)

Even though most Americans have never been persecuted like the Jews during the Holocaust, the persecution of Christians in the United States could take on some of the same characteristics at some point in time. First, Jews were isolated and marginalized. Second, the propaganda machines made the German people hate and develop prejudice toward all Jews. Ultimately, this persecution led to the mass annihilation of over six million Jewish men, women, and children. (1) In fact, Christians are beginning to be blamed for all the ills in the United States. As a result, much prejudice is being directed toward Christians in America, despite all the good things that Christians do on a regular basis for the less fortunate in the United States and around the world. Of course, there are some Americans that would like to see all Christians isolated from the rest of the U.S. populace. Unfortunately, much of the rhetoric coming out of Washington, D.C. is negative toward Christians, especially the classification of Christians as “potential terrorists” and the promotion of the pro-homosexual agenda. Also, if the truth were known, there are people in America who would advocate the annihilation of all Christians, just like Adolf Hitler attempted to do to the Jews during the Holocaust. As far-fetched as this might seem, these people do exist.

What has caused so much hatred toward Christians in America’s postmodern era to escalate? This hatred toward Christians is a direct result of the current move to discredit all aspects of the Christian faith, mainly because the Christian faith promotes moral values that many Americans detest. Therefore, if Christianity is discredited in the public sector, just maybe Christians would stay in the four walls of their churches and refrain from preaching their eternal life message on the streets of Florida or in any other state. But, what methods are being used by those who would discredit Christianity, specifically secularists and other anti-Christian forces who are being manipulated by Satan and who have signed on to his diabolical plot to eliminate Christianity in the United States of America.

What are Secularists? Secularists are those non-Christians who denounce the influence of the Christian religion in any sector of America’s culture. Their main agenda is to silence the witness of Christians in America and make their faith “null and void.” Also, they would denounce the absolute truths contained within the pages of God’s Holy Bible, which they want to become an archaic religious document. As a result, Christianity would ultimately lose its influence in America. Then the anti-God and the anti-American forces in America would finally be victorious.

How do the secularists hope to achieve their objective to renounce Christianity in America? First, they must elicit the help of the judiciary system to declare the Bible a hate book. Of course, most Christian Americans would never accept that this theory could become an actuality, even though parts of Canada already ban the Bible outside the doors of the church. However, with the emergence of a large number of people that claim that the Bible preaches intolerance toward homosexuals, which was the group that promoted it in Canada, there is a distinct possibility that a politically correct court in the United States might just agree some day with the secularists’ position. Therefore, Christians must quit living a lifestyle that is clueless to the agendas of anti-Christian forces that exist in the real world today.

Second, secularists must elicit the help of Congress to pass legislation that would prevent what they call intolerant preaching from the pulpits in America’s churches. In reality, Christian preachers are just preaching “what saith the Word of God.” However, if the proper “hate crime” or “hate speech” legislation is passed, preachers could possibly be silenced from preaching the truths of God’s Holy Word, that offend certain Americans, from inside and outside their churches. Penalties for such crimes would be prison time for the preacher and the removal of the church’s tax-exempt status. These penalties could possibly close the doors of many churches in the United States and deny preachers throughout America their freedom of speech and their freedom of religion. Also, another provision of a Federal Hate Crime Law would give individuals who commit a crime out of hate toward their victims more serious punishment. Therefore, Christian Americans should never underestimate what some members of the Congress of the United States might do to meet the demands of gift-bearing lobbyists. As a result, the anti-Christian Federal Hate Crime Bill was passed by the United States House of Representatives on April 29, 2009 and the United States Senate on October 22, 2009.

Third, secularists must elicit the help of a United States President who would support their agenda. In general, it would have to be a President who was extremely liberal in many of his beliefs. It would have to be a President who would be willing to sign legislation into law that would deny members of the largest faith in America their God-given rights. It would have to be a President who was a member of the political party that controlled both houses of Congress. Ultimately, it would have to be a President who believed that America was not a Christian nation. America has such a President. As a result, the anti-Christian Federal Hate Crime Bill was signed and enacted into law by President Obama on October 28, 2009.

Fourth, secularists must elicit the help of individual churches, church denominations, or pastors who would support a liberal and distorted view of Christianity. They would need the support of pastors who preach a social gospel rather than a spiritual gospel. They would need the support of pastors who preach the acceptance of sins that God condemned in the Bible. They would need the support of pastors who do not believe that the Bible is
the infallible Word of God. They would need the support of pastors who use their pulpits for irreverent purposes. They would need the help of pastors who worship the earth itself more than its Creator. Ultimately, secularists would need the support of pastors who have a form of godliness, but who deny God’s “omnipotent power.” America has such pastors.

Fifth, secularists must elicit the help of non-Christian Americans and their religions. As the number of non-Christian Americans increases from year to year, it would be easy to mount a subtle attack against Christians in America. Since 90 percent of Americans claim to be Christians, no one would believe that a non-Christian religion and its followers would arrive on the scene and become the dominant religion in the United States. But, the latest predictions state that Islam is making great strides in the United States. Therefore, if Islam and other non-Christian religions unite in a concerted effort, they could possibly cause problems for America’s Christian population. They could use their voting power to replace Christian legislators with non-Christian legislators who could vote for bills that would have a negative influence on Christendom in America. Of course, if this were to happen, secularists would be elated to see Christians on the defense and, at the same time, be evicted from their dominance in America’s religious sector. America has such non-Christian legislators.

Finally, secularists must elicit the help of mainstream media, which would support their agenda. Movies and televison programs produced in Hollywood, for the most part, blaspheme God and Jesus Christ and, at the same time, blatantly promote their anti-Christian agenda, which centers around the promotion of homosexuality. Also, most major national network news programs promote a more liberal agenda, which prohibits the mention of Christianity and the One for whom it was named, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As a result, the story of the two murdered street preachers received very little, if any, recognition in the mainstream media. Of course, the news concerning the Christian workers who were accused of attempting to kidnap some Haitian orphans received a large amount of liberal propaganda news. The printed media, such as newspapers and magazines, seemingly has an unfavorable view point toward writing positive statements about news related to the Christian community, too. America has such news journalists.

Therefore, it appears that many years ago secularists developed and initiated a well-planned trap to dethrone Christians from their religious dominance in the United States. At present, most of the resources that they would need to achieve their agenda already exist. They have the support of many activist judges, liberal congressmen, the President of the United States, social gospel pastors, non-Christian Americans, and, of course, liberal journalists on major network news programs and on the staff of liberal newspapers and magazines. However, thank God for those news networks, fortunately some do exist, who take a conservative stance toward the news that affects all Americans. It is these organizations that defend the United States Constitution, which guarantees First Amendment rights to all American citizens.

In conclusion, as has been inferred, there was a deeper, more cynical reason for the death of Tite Sufra and Stephen Ocean, the two murdered street preachers from Boynton Beach, Florida. There was more to it than just the preaching of something that the murderer did not want to hear. The murderer was just a representative of the anti-Christian attitudes that have been engrained into the minds of many non-Christians in America, as a result of decades of anti-Christian attacks. Seemingly, it has reached the point in time in America that the words “Jesus,” “Christianity,”and “Christian” have become words that Satan uses to infuriate non-Christians and promote a mean spirit in them, much similar to the evil spirit that came upon King Saul when he became mad at David, his heir apparent. Therefore, Christians of all faiths should wake up and finally realize that they have many bona fide enemies in the United States who are diligently striving to rid America of its Christian heritage. Of course, for those Christians and non-Christians alike who deny that Christian persecution does exist in America, just open your eyes and be observant, because Satan does have a dedicated and deliberate plan of action directed toward Christians in postmodern America.

P.S. This article was written to honor the memory and faith of the two valiant “Christian soldiers” who lost their lives in a spiritual street battle on U.S. soil on January 30, 2010, while preaching the truth of God’s Word to a nonbeliever in Jesus Christ. Please pray for their families and loved ones.


1. Horn, Tom. “Persecutions of Christians Growing in the United States” Worthy News. 4 May 2006.

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