Bharat Expedition

Mar 15, 2013, 8:31:50 PM3/15/13

Indian Railways - Top Indian rail journeys

From Wes Anderson and Danny Boyle to Michael Palin and Paul Theroux, Indian Railways have entranced dreamers, intrigued authors and inspired filmmakers. That's because there's no other railway like them on Earth.

Sometime ago I read a article about India's budget airlines now connecting over 80 cities – but they still couldn't reach into the country's nooks and crannies: the tea estates of Ledo in Assam; Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India where three oceans meet; Dwarka, the birthplace of Lord Krishna on the westernmost corner of Gujarat, or Jammu's mutinous hills in the north; but there was always a train that could inch into every single place – no matter how remote.
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