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Tsuyoshi Yamashita

Sep 24, 2010, 2:06:09 AM9/24/10
to BFGMaps
So I'm hoping that I'm missing something on how to do this, but it
looks like the app does not have the standard menu items on the left
top of the screen that has the "EDIT" menu's. How do you copy and
paste into the search panel within this app?

I'm just one of those that hasn't learned to type that well on my Pre
and would like to copy/paste stuff from an email or SMS to search.
Without copy and paste, I will have to type it all in manually. Is
there the capability to copy and paste into the search panel within
this app? I was trying to put in a few addresses into favorites from
an email for a roadtrip tomorrow and it ended up that it's much faster
for me to open up the email and copy and paste into the normal google
map especially considering I screwed up the address 3 times during the
type in.

In either case, I think it would be good to add in this basic
capability if it's not already in there.

Great app otherwise! I'm looking forward to some of the other
features you've got.

I do have one feature request.

Is there any way to group favorites into groups for better
organization as well as so that they can all show up by tapping on
that group. For instance, I could look up a lot of restaurants in a
city I'm about to visit on a roadtrip and put them into one "Favorite
Group" for instance. Then, while on this visit, whenever it's close
to luncthime/dinnertime, I can just tap on that favorite group and
figure out which of the restaurants I looked up are closest to me and
head there. There's a lot of other uses as well. In either case,
organizing favorites into groups/folders that can have all of them
show up on a map at the same time (or separately if you go in and
navigate within a group) would be really great!

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