Boxalicious feature request: 'Sync all upon launch and exit'

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Feb 4, 2012, 12:45:31 AM2/4/12
to BFGMaps
I'm in a country that isnt allowed access to paid apps, or I would be
suggesting this for Boxalicious Xtra. I'm quite satisfied with the
Free app after two days' use.

I would be eager to donate $20 toward the following new feature in the
Free app: Introduce a syncing preference with these options:

- Sync all at launch and exit
- Sync manually

(Someone might want a middle option, "Sync all at launch and exit when
wifi available".)

I see two potential problems:
1. might prohibit such use of its API
2. might not provide info in its updates about files deleted
or moved via the website or other devices

If only #2 is the case, I could certainly live with the imperfect
syncing that would result.


Feb 4, 2012, 12:54:28 AM2/4/12
to BFGMaps
To clarify, what I mean by "Sync all at launch and exit" is "Sync all
upon launch and upon exit". Here's how it could work...

1. The app keeps track of the last sync time, as well as files moved,
renamed, or deleted (I believe webOS "media indexing" provides this
info when the edits are not made via Boxalicious)

2. When Boxalicious is launched, compare the filenames and
modification dates from the server with the local values. Download any
new files, and overwrite locally any files with newer versions on the
server. Tell the server to move, rename, or delete any files that have
been modified locally since the last sync.

3. When the user exits the app, do step 2 again. This should keep
local files and those on the server as in-sync as possible.

Tim Geiges

Feb 4, 2012, 4:06:41 PM2/4/12
Excelent ideas, I am awaiting shipment of a new touchpad so I can resume work on webos apps with a real device(havent had one for about a year now)
Attached an ipk of the full version (actually I do not recall if there are many differences but here ya go) :-)
I will look into adding more features soon, but I do need to port it to the new Enyo framework, and in the process can see adding things along the way :-)


Tim G.
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