Recording My Oral History - Laying down my family legacy on CD

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Dec 13, 2008, 7:10:37 PM12/13/08
to BeyondGen
I've been trying to research my family history and I'm so disappointed
that I couldn't find more information on my family tree. Last month,
I was talking with my grandmother and she was telling the most
incredible stories about my ancestors. I felt a tad guilty that I
hadn't recorded her stories, because they were fascinating. I didn't
want the stories to end with her. She's the last remaining family
member on her side of the family.

Then I woke up one night and came up with an idea. Record her stories
on an audio CD. I am in the radio business, and I'm a radio DJ who
interviews people everyday. Why not my grandma?

Then I could make copies of our interview and pass them out to all of
my family members during the holidays. What a great keepsake.

After interviewing my grandmother and asking her all sorts of
questions from, how she met my grandpa, to what her parents were like,
and how far back she remembered in the family tree...I started telling
other people about what I'd done. Now, I'm recording lots of people
who don't want their family stories to end with them.

I love to talk about Genealogy (cause, I'm relatively new to the
"sport"), and if you ever want to talk about recording what some call,
"Oral History," please email me. I have also started a new website
too, called,, where I'll record the family
history of anyone that wants it on a CD and mail it to, any
comments/advice would be much appreciated.


Chris K.
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