Anybody out there tried out BetterBatch yet?

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Feb 23, 2010, 7:47:34 AM2/23/10
to betterbatch-discuss

Wondering if anybody has given it a go - there have been 160+
downloads (but of course downloading and actually trying it out do not
equate directly :) )

I am interested to know how well it works for *nix systems or Mac.

Is there anybody who is interested in helping out? I would be
delighted to get patches :)

Thanks and good scripting to everyone,


Mar 29, 2010, 8:32:51 AM3/29/10
to betterbatch-discuss
Hi Mark,

I've just discovered BetterBatch and am giving it a go.

My immediate use is automating backups for Zope/Plone and Postgres
under Windows.

If I can get to grips with that, I have a parallel problem under Linux
- although there are other ways of solving it under Linux, it would
make my life easier if I could use the same tool and logic in both

Will let you know how I get on - but in the mean time thanks for a
promising tool!




Mark Mc Mahon

Mar 29, 2010, 8:41:26 AM3/29/10

Great to hear you are giving it a go.

If you run into any problems or need any support - don't hesitate to
ping on or off the list.

> --
> Cheers,
> PhilK



Apr 3, 2010, 7:15:00 AM4/3/10
to betterbatch-discuss
Hi Phil,

I installed Ubuntu in a virtual image and tried BetterBatch out on it.
There is at least one error that makes it fail completely
(betterbatch.built_in_cmds.PopulateFromToolsFolder uses the PATHEXT
environment variable which is windows only). You can comment out the
call to this function at the end of (the only
difference you should note is that you will now have to specify the
full path to (which will actually become a built-in)

Also - at the moment because it uses the shell to execute things - you
may well have problems with \ and / path separators.

I think to make BetterBatch more platform independent
a) add a variable to allow you to know which OS the script is running
b) do some extra path conversion for methods that work with paths
(doing it universally would be much too much), or maybe add a builtin
called NativePath (or something like that which will do the conversion
for you?)

Finally the more I think about it - to make it properly platform
neutral - I may also need to replace the way the shell finds
executable applications and do that myself (Windows I understand - but
*nix I will have to research). This would allow me to to at least
avoid the pathext environment variable. I still shy away from doing
this as I am sure that there are subtleties that I don't want to deal
with :)


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