Better GReader (specifically CTRL-ALT-Y) slow since update

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Nov 17, 2011, 9:20:20 AM11/17/11
Since the new Google Reader rolled out, I've noticed that the whole thing is dog slow in general.  Same thing with GMail.  But the one feature of Better GReader in particular that I can't live without, the "Mark until current as read" keyboard shortcut (CTRL-ALT-Y), is particularly hard hit by this change.

I suspect that it is because the script visits every item that's being marked read, and doing so causes Google to do stuff (Google+ related I'm guessing - I noticed that when I try to view an item manually it takes a second or two before the "+1" button appears) in the background.  The bottom line is that CTRL-ALT-Y has become a go-get-another-cup-of-coffee event, and I can only drink so much coffee...

I don't even really have much hope that the developer could do anything to fix this even if he or she was still monitoring this and was so inclined.  This is obviously a Google problem.  However Google's official Reader app for Android has this functionality implemented natively, and the responsiveness is such that it's clear to me that not every item is being visited - so maybe there's some way to do it.  Interesting that they have not implemented the same feature directly in the web app - but that's another discussion.

Anyhow, this is 10% bug report (or more accurately, enhancement request), and 90% rant.  I'll wrap it up before that ratio gets any more out of balance.  Anything that could be done would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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